Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Demry Creek"

"30" x 40"", acrylic on canvas. I was so enthralled with the photo I took one evening with the light hitting the tops of the trees as we boated to the canal where our place is.

"View at Salt Creek"

"8" x 10"", acrylic on canvas. This little painting was done off the dock at Salt Creek on a very windy day. My friend and I fought the wind with all the materials flowing away for about 2 hours.

"Pink Grasses"

Sold "8" x 8"",acrylic on canvas. I have been indulging myself on this one. One of the big attractions to me in the area of Suwannee, Fl. are the grasses along the marsh road called "Dixie Mainline Road". One can stop on the side of the road and see all kinds of palms, marsh grass and birds.

"Sunset at East Pass"

Sold "6" x 8"",acrylic on canvas. It was enjoyable to paint the nuances of the clouds and light on the water.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Marsh at Dusk"

"20" x 30"", acrylic on canvas. Something to bring sunshine into your day. Ihave so enjoyed the photographs I took in Suwannee before Christmas. The winter marsh colors are wonderful especially late in the afternoon when the sun produces these great oranges. Also, the sky has this bluish purple color at the horizon.

"Swamp Mallows Across the Yard"

Acrylic on canvas. This is the third painting of the swamp mallows in 4" x 5" format. It is a real challenge to do the leaf patterns without being so busy and overdone. They grow in a mass and get very tall with buds and leaves everywhere. What I like about this one are the colors of the flowers and the fact that I used fewer strokes to paint them. I am ready to start the large painting now although I will do one more small one along the way.

"Swamp Mallow with Cattails"

"4" x 5"", acrylic on canvas. Here is another study of the swamp mallow in practice for the larger painting. It is a view toward Julington Creek with a couple of cattails. The colors are coming together more easily but I was so fussy with the flowers. I would like to do them in fewer strokes- more practice.